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About Africa

Going to Africa? Which one? Often overlooked by all but the most intrepid travelers, Africa is so vast and varied it's hard to believe it's all on the same planet, let alone the same continent! Gaze in wonder at Egypt's pyramids or bargain for treasures in Morocco's historic souks. Scuba dive pristine reefs off Madagascar, sample world-class wines in South Africa, shoot a lion or a giraffe (photographically!) in Kenya or go from Addis Ababa to Zanzibar (and Timbuktu, too!) just to say you've done it.

Accommodations in Africa are as varied as the continent itself. Africa hotels run the gamut from luxury wilderness resorts where the safari starts the moment you step from your opulent tent to glittering high-rise urban hotels to chic ethnic boutique properties complete with sybaritic spas. No matter which Africa you choose, or what kind of lodging you desire, Agoda will help you find the best hotels in Africa at the best prices.

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