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About Pacific Ocean And Australia

Say "g'day" to the Big A! Vast, beautiful and sparsely populated, Australia is a Mecca for backpackers, a hotspot for partygoers, an opportunity for young professionals and much, much more. Whatever your outlook on life, Australia is almost certain to appeal. The people are great fun, and the laid-back, beer-and-barbie lifestyle is one reason travelers keep flocking to Australia. For a look at the continent's origins, pay the Aboriginal peoples a visit and see an amazing culture within a culture. Australia is so big that it's difficult to fathom the idea of seeing it all in any short space of time. The vast expanse of land in the center of the country, known as the Outback, is where Nature's wonder is on offer for all to see. The scenery here is like nothing else, and the wildlife's equally wonderful. Afterwards, head to the coast and dive some of the planet's most magnificent coral reefs. City slickers will flip over Sydney and Melbourne.

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